Photo Gallery

Here is a sampling of all the wonderful memories we have coming together over the holdays!
Sleigh Drivers
Pickering Manor
Pickering Manor
Pickering Manor
Christ's Home
Christ's Home
Decorating Gift Bags
Decorating Gift Bags
Decorating Gift Bags
Decorating Gift Bags
Handmade Door Decorations for Residents to Enjoy
A Variety of Handmade Door Decorations
Handmade Door Decorations for Residents to Choose From
Student Artwork for Cards
Student Artwork for Shopping Bags
Shopping Bags Filled
Sleigh Filled with Gifts Ready to be Delivered to a Local Nursing Home
More Gifts Ready to be Delivered
Help from Elf Jack
Sleigh Driven by Elf Peggy
Residents’ Gift Bags of Chosen Gifts for Loved Ones Being Checked
Gift Bags Ready to be Loaded into a Sleigh
Handmade Decorations to be Distributed to the Residents
More Wonderfully Creative Handmade Decorations
Wrapping Paper Station
Volunteers Participating in a Crafting Session
In December of 2020 Volunteers Still Managed to Bring Holiday Spirit
Holiday Gifts Were Still Shared with the Help of Nursing Staff
Holiday Cheer was Shared with Holiday Cookies
Volunteers Still Created and Shared Door Decorations
January 2020 was the 25th Anniversary of Wrapping Presence
Marne Dietterich Passing the Torch to Cheryl after 25 Glorious Years as the Founder and Leader of Wrapping Presence
Celebrating in Grand Style with the Philly Fanatic
At Fun Celebration at Doylestown Presbyterian Church
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