Letters of Appreciation

“Thank you for allowing me to be a part of your inspired adventures. It is just as much of a gift to me and the other volunteers as it is to the nursing home residents and we are grateful.”

Kara – Wrapping Buddy
“Wrapping Presence arrived with great flourish and much love!…I thank them for their warmth, compassion, and selfless generosity.”

Kathe – Dementia Coordinator
I am the daughter of a resident.  Thank you so much for giving joy to those who are not capable of shopping for their families. I would like to extend myself and offer to wrap gifts next year.”

Elizabeth – Family Member
“The team of Wrapping Buddies added so much to the resident’s shopping experience … cheerful smiles, hugs, beautiful music, and conversation made this an unforgettable afternoon.”

Kathy – Activities Director
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