Frequently Asked Questions

Is Wrapping Presence® a religious organization?
We are a non-sectarian volunteer community outreach program sponsored by Doylestown Presbyterian Church. We welcome participation and support from individuals as well as community groups. The only requirement is a sincere enthusiasm for sharing the joy of the holidays with the residents we serve. Whatever our resident shoppers are celebrating in December, be it Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, or simply the joy of the season; we’re celebrating with them.
Are donations to Wrapping Presence® tax deductible?
Wrapping Presence®  has 501(c)(3) status through Doylestown Presbyterian Church and your donations (monetary and physical goods) are deductible to the extent allowable by the law. All donations may receive a receipt for tax purposes upon request.
Do I have to be a member of an organized group to volunteer?
Our volunteers are individuals, classmates, colleagues, friends, clubs, troops, and members of other community organizations. The more the merrier, and the more diverse, the better!
Would I have to visit a nursing home to be a part of Wrapping Presence®?
One group of volunteers, our Wrapping Buddies, do visit nursing homes. There are plenty of other important tasks that help make our afternoons at the nursing homes go smoothly. Other groups of volunteers include Crafters, Index Card Writers, Cookie Bakers, Gift Buyers (with a specific list from Wrapping Presence) and Drivers to and from Nursing Homes with gifts and supplies. We’ll work with you to match you with the task that best suits your interests, abilities, and schedule. Please feel free to reach out any time throughout the year.
Is being a Wrapping Buddy sad?
We can think of lots of words to describe being a Wrapping Buddy — sad truly isn’t one of them. Rather, we’d choose words like “magical,” “nostalgic,” “joyful,” and “delightful.” In fact, Wrapping Presence® began as a way to offset the sadness that sometimes surrounds residents at the holidays. We may have occasional tears, but they are tears of joy, and are accompanied by hugs and compassion.
Where do the gifts come from?
All of our gifts are NEW and come from many different sources. We receive merchandise and gift-card donations from retail stores. Volunteer buyers shop for gifts with monetary donations. Individuals shop for new gift items with their own money and donate them to the organization. Community organizations, individuals, and an annual fundraiser contribute to our annual funds for shopping.

Some of our supporters have become quite creative, for instance if you are having a party suggest gifts to be donated to Wrapping Presence. Others have held gift drives within their companies, clubs, organizations, or at their holiday parties. We’re so grateful for them all.

1. Online: Doylestown Presbyterian Church manages our donations. Click Here and enter the amount on the line for "Memorials, Bequests & Gifts", then in the comments section next to the amount please write "Wrapping Presence" to make sure we receive your donation.

2. By Mail: Checks made out to Doylestown Presbyterian Church, please add “Wrapping Presence” in the memo. Mail to: 127 East Court Street Doylestown PA 18901
If I have some “gently used” items that still might make great gifts, may I donate them?
Thank you for thinking of us, but NO, we do not accept used items. It is very important that all of the gifts made available to the residents are brand new, because just like us, our resident shoppers wish to give the very best gifts to their loved ones. (However, if you’ve recently received a brand-new gift that “just isn’t you” and it still has the tags on it or original packaging, we’ll be happy to accept it.)
I’d love to sign up to bake for Wrapping Presence®; may I use my famous cookie recipe?
We’d love to have another baker on board, but we’ll need you to use our (simple!) recipe that has been approved by our nursing homes’ dietary departments. Since the cookies are offered as a treat to our resident shoppers, we must ensure that they are nutritionally appropriate.
I’ve read all about Wrapping Presence and I think I’d like to volunteer. How do I get started?
Please contact us and we will share dates of upcoming events, chat further with you or pair you up with a volunteer to join us at a work session. or call Cheryl Paradiso 215-766-9399
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