People often ask me why I started Wrapping Presence. The obvious answer would be as a loving tribute to my parents who helped me see the need for this type of program. Considering the world situation, what we do is a “drop in the bucket” and I know that. But sometimes when our scary, volatile world seems to be spinning out of control, one has to grab on to something positive and focus on it, no matter how small it may seem. Wrapping Presence is that something for me.

Receiving an
Receiving an “all systems go”
from our social worker, Maureen

Just last week, we had our first afternoon crafting session of the 2006 season and I had hoped for 10 willing souls to show, but to my utter amazement, 42 smiling workers arrived and stayed late into the evening. I am continually awestruck by the team effort and comraderie that encompasses the Wrapping Presence volunteers. There, in our air conditioned oasis, sat an army of willing sports ranging in age from 5 to 90 with hands busily crafting holiday door decorations and corsages to the strains of Philadelphia’s “golden oldies” station. Some sang along, some even got up to dance! We were a team… Moms, Dads, friends, grandparents, kids and teens, this was truly a family affair. Everyone was chatting and laughing away with their fellow crafters, who had been but mere strangers less than an hour before. That’s what Wrapping Presence is all about.

It’s one thing for me to devote my time to this project, I have to… it’s my baby and I’m doing it for Mom & Daddy. But when I see other people take it on with such passion and devotion, it is really overwhelming. They thank me, when it is I who cannot find the words to thank them for their dedication to Wrapping Presence.

So as we gear up for another season of helping residence bound senior citizens recapture the joy of the holidays, I ask you to look within and ask yourself what is your “drop in the bucket?” What has made you feel positive and passionate about life in the midst of a war-torn world? Don’t worry. It’s there inside you and “it’s all good folks… it’s all good.”

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P.S. Yay!! Several years in the making, and is finally live! We’re excited to join the digital age and to have our own little corner of the internet. Hope it helps you to keep up with our adventures.