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A Message From Michelle

Through the efforts of so many, this amazing group of volunteers bring Christmas to our residents. Marne greets each one of them by name at the door and spends a moment talking with each one. She then assigns an ‘elf’ to them as their own personal shopper. From there, the resident is taken from table to table overflowing with brand new items donated by members of the community throughout the year. There is a table for men, women, and children. With the assistance of our Activity Department, the resident has prepared a list ahead of time. The residents take their gifts to wrapping stations where they are wrapped by MORE elves and then placed in shopping bags adorned with drawings from school children. Santa sees them before they leave and each one is given a handmade wreath for their door.


The opportunity provided to these residents to be able to give a gift to those they love is beyond measure. The excitement and wonder is palpable in the room and it is truly the happiest holiday event we host! Unfortunately, many of our residents have suffered many losses and many lack purpose. This event allows them to experience the purpose of giving a gift that they have chosen; something that many of us may be taking for granted these days as we rush and complain about long shopping lines, traffic and where we will find the time to do all the things necessary for the upcoming holidays


So let’s take a moment to reflect on what really is important. Wrapped in each one of those boxes is part of our heart. It’s the time and love taken to choose and think of that person who will know you loved them when you chose it. Don’t take these moments for granted…for ‘it is in giving that we receive’.


Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays to all of you. May we look forward to a wonderful, peaceful year surrounded by those we love.



It’s the most wonderful time of the year……. Wrapping Presence does it again bringing it’s beautiful and magical store back to Pickering Manor! Our Residents enjoyed shopping for gifts for their loved ones and a surprise visit from Santa. THANK YOU Wrapping Presence for making it so special


Finding just the right words
Finding just the
right words


“We thought the staff was kidding when they said we didn’t need any money. We thought our hearing aids weren’t turned up loud enough when they said we could get a gift for each of our children and grandchildren. The feeling of being able to give a gift to our families was overwhelming….They made us feel good; they made us feel human. Wrapping Presence truly made it feel like Christmas!”


(Anna, Doris, Mary, Myrtle, and William – Homebound Residents)



“Thank you for allowing me to be a part of your inspired adventures. It is just as much of a gift to me and the other volunteers as it is to the nursing home residents and we are grateful.”


(Kara – Wrapping Buddy)



This corsage looks lovely!
This corsage looks lovely!


“I am the daughter of a resident who lives at Homestead Nursing Home. I wanted to thank
you so much for the wonderful Christmas gifts. My father was so anxious to give them to us…Thank you so much for giving joy to those who are not capable of shopping for their families. I would like to extend myself and offer to wrap gifts next year.”


(Elizabeth – Family Member)



“Wrapping Presence arrived with great flourish and much love!…I thank them for their warmth, compassion, and selfless generosity.”


(Kathe – Dementia Coordinator)



 Kara is everyone's favorite Wrapping Buddy
Kara is everyone’s favorite
Wrapping Buddy


“The extra touches like homemade cookies and handmade door decorations for the shoppers brought priceless looks of delight and satisfaction to their faces. Our residents were so appreciative of this service and it was presented in such a way that it was not perceived as ‘charity.’ “


(Linda – Director of Procurement)



“The team of Wrapping Buddies added so much to the resident’s shopping experience … cheerful smiles, hugs, beautiful music, and conversation made this an unforgettable afternoon.”


(Kathy – Activities Director)