The 2006 Season was an amazing experience for all involved. From volunteers to nursing home staff to residents and their families, everyone seems to agree that twelve was a magic number (this was our twelfth season!). Following is a sampling of the outpouring of grateful, delightful, and just plain excited letters that we have received in response to this season’s festivities:

“What a delightful way to treat the old folks! The kindness of strangers has done much to restore my faith in humanity.”

(Helen – resident)

022_22.JPG“My husband Chris was one of the residents who was able to choose presents for myself and our three grandchildren. It was so much more meaningful for him to be able to choose the gifts himself rather than for me to purchase them and tell him that is what he is giving everyone. For Chris, it was the highlight of Christmas. We are forever thankful to you and your group.”

(Jean – a resident’s wife)

“I can’t thank you enough for all you did to make the Holidays special for our residents. They haven’t stopped talking about the whole day since you left andI wish you could see the residents’ faces now that they’re starting to give out the presents. Their faces light up and even their families are surprised to receive something!”

(Heather – Activities Director)

045_20a.JPG“You really deserve a round of applause; Lakeview was awesome and I was honored to be a part of it! Wrapping Presence is the best volunteer experience I have ever had. Thank you for letting me be a small part of your team!!!”

(C.C. – a Wrapping Buddy)

“Thank you once again for a spectacular Wrapping Presence experience. Everyone is always filled with the spirit of giving after you have been here.”

(Sue – Activities Director)

049_1a.JPG“Just a note to thank you and all your helpers for the wonderful time you showed us this past Thursday. Everyone was so kind and the gifts were so lovely. It was a nice “dream” and I enjoyed it very much!”

(Mary Ann – resident)

“What a beautiful idea. I read the article (about Wrapping Presence) in Nouveau magazine. My mother did not want to visit one Christmas because she had no gifts to bring. Please accept this small donation in her memory.”


051_2.JPG“Yesterday was my first experience with Wrapping Presence at Lakeview in Doylestown. You should be very pleased with a job well done! It so exemplified the giving spirit of the season, thank you for your help in making it come true.”

(Bill – resident)

“Words cannot describe the feeling in the “shopping store” here at Pine Run. Pictures only capture that one smile; they don’t feel the electricity walking down the hall, they don’t capture the looks of anticipation from all of those faces. You can’t hear the joy in their voices when they pick out gifts, or grasp the immense and overwhelming sense of happiness and accomplishment as they leave with their beautiful bags and wreath and corsage in tow. I do know one thing, and that is that every single resident has a guardian angel and that is you!”

(Maureen – Activities Director)

“There are no words to explain how thankful I am for all your kindness.”

(Mary – resident)

074_25.JPG“As family and friends came to visit, residents had gifts for them, and for the most part it is still a mystery – “Where did the gifts come from?” What an absolute delight to be a part of your Gifting.”

(Pat – Activities Director)

“Your program speaks of “true giving” from the heart, The generosity and care that you and your volunteers show to our residents is remarkable!”

(Pattie – Activities Director)

dscn20841950.JPG“I have worked at Manatawny Manor for many years and havenever had a volunteer group that was so caring, compassionate and patient. I can’t imagine the amount of time that you spent to prepare such a wonderful program. You certainly made our residents Christmas quite special.”

(Karen – Activities Director)

“This year at Buckingham Valley Nursing Home, I was helping a young resident of around forty to wrap the things that he had chosen for his wife and young children. With a huge grin on his face he would help with the wrapping by putting his finger on a ribbon or a fold of paper to hold it in place. Though his speech was somewhat impaired, his meaning was clear when he said that Wrapping Presence had made Christmas for him – and his delight in the pile of presents in front of him made that obvious. Incidentally, this also made my Christmas!”

(Audrey – Wrapping Buddy)

dscn20901956.JPG“…I have a particular male resident who stands out in my mind on that day. He and his wife are very devoted to each other; she visits almost daily. Because of his condition he is unable to leave our nursing home. Thus his feelings of self-worth have declined as he has lost much of his independence. With great joy he was able to choose a special gift for his mate of many years. He kept this treasure until just before Christmas when he presented it to his wife when they were alone. This was a very special time for them made possible by the wonderful people from Wrapping Presence.”

(Kathe – Activities Director)

“Words cannot begin to describe the difference you all make in our residents lives during the Holiday Season. To all the dedicated volunteers who come to Chandler Hall and to those “behind the scenes” I thank you! Your work is greatly appreciated by our staff, residents, and their families.”

(Chris – Activities Director)


“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.” -Margaret Mead